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Products & Services


NeuroEye is currently developing several tests to apply on the Neurology and Ophthalmology fields.

GlauTech is a functional test that will efficiently output an accurate measure that is highly correlated to the probability of a subject developing Glaucoma, knowing beforehand that a subject has ocular hypertension.

Our technology consists on testing 3 psychophysical measures, namely achromatic and chromatic contrast sensitivity, as well as local speed discrimination. The main goal is to perform these 3 visual tests using the same device. Combined statistical analysis comparing test results indicates, quantitatively, the severity of impairment, helping in the decision of starting treatment.

Our vision is that GlauTech will come up as a complement to the existent medical technologies and also as an opportunity to identify and treat appropriately patients at greatest risk for losing vision.


NeuroEye offers several visual assessment tests that combine visual function and structure, based on psychophysical and electrophysiological methods. We apply and analyse tests such as Contrast Sensitivity Assessement, Colour Tests, Classical and Multifocal Electrophysiology.


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